Arrivly 2 Pack TPU Transparent Screen Protector Film For Samsung S24

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Arrivly® TPU Screen Protector Film For Samsung Galaxy S24

✅ ENHANCED PROTECTION - self-healing shockproof screen protector easily resists scratches and withstands harsh external impacts for military-grade drop protection
✅CURVED FIT - 5D rounded edge design to keep your fingers swiping and sliding smoothly over the screen of your curved display without interference
✅PREMIUM CLARITY - the ultra-thin TPU film retains amazing HD clarity for the most fulfilling viewing experience by keeping the screen responsive to touch
✅CASE COMPATIBLE - exclusively created for your sleek Samsung Galaxy S24 the tpu film screen protector features a case-friendly designed due to the open edge design
✅EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION - easy error-proof installation all on your own due to the strong adhesive that leaves no residue and prevents any gaps between your device and the protector

Product Specifications
Size: Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24 Case Friendly Clear TPU Screen Protector

Scratch-Proof | Ultra-Tough | Optically Clear | Military-Grade | Yellow-Resistant

Did you just get a shiny new Samsung? Now you are probably wondering do I really NEED a screen protector. In a word, yes you do. You might think you’re going to be careful, but the truth is that most of us shove our phones into a pocket or a bag and... scratches happen. And we all know how fragile today’s smartphones are. God forbid you drop it and your hard-earned money is down the drain.

So now that your mind's made up, are you looking for a reliable screen protector that will offer up premium protection in addition to being affordable. Seems too good to be true? Well, it is. We, at Arrivly strive to offer the most unfailing protection with the most affordable offer possible in the market. We care for your...well, your phone’s safety so that you never have to stress over your screen meeting the ground. Oh and the best part, you get multiple screen guards instead of one, so if you screw up installing one of them, no worries, we’ve got you covered.


Clean the display well with wipes and let it dry. There is one important thing you need to do is to put the protective film in the right place once and do not move it to ensure better adhesion. To avoid bubbles, the display of your device must be very clean. If the bubble does get under the film, you need to pull up the film carefully and remove the bubble.

Video installation guide here 

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