Why Does Your Phone Get Hot? Reasons Why and How To Fix It


We all have experienced the great evolution of phones. We went from brick cell phones that barely fit into our pockets to tiny devices that might get lost easily in our pockets or bags. Nowadays smartphones are more comfortable and smarter, but there is a huge problem that accompanies them with all levels. You might guess that it is the problem of phone overheating. Sometimes overheating causes the phone to stop function until it cools down. In this article, we will find out the common reasons why your phone might get hot and how to fix it.

Why Does My Phone Get Hot?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question may differ from phone to phone. It might be a problem of battery, hundreds of apps running in the background or the problem of hardware.

Nevertheless, all the phones can get a little hot from time to time and it must be accepted as a normal phenomenon, however, if it is repeated quite regularly or if it gets so hot that you cannot even touch it until it cools down, it becomes a problem you need to worry about. There are a number of reasons why it could happen.

What Degree is Abnormal?

The normal temperature of the phone is in-between 37-43 degrees Celsius or accordingly 98.6-109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. If you feel the phone’s temperature is higher than needed you must stop using it until it recovers.

Let's Identify The Reason

There are two main areas where your phone may generate heat;

1.      The screen; the central processing unit (CPU) and graphic processing unit (GPU)

2.      The battery

The back of the phone, where the battery is located, is the most common place where the heat comes from. The modern batteries are too powerful which results sometimes in getting hot. The heat may affect, the organic solvents of the battery which might end up igniting.

If the heat comes from the screen it may be the CPU or GPU problem. When they run-up to a hundred percent that causes a lot of heat to be produced. When you are watching a video or playing a game it is going to use more CPU for a longer period of time, but it still should never really overheat. If you feel overheating let your phone rest for a short time.

How to Stop Phone from Overheating

Stop Gaming All Day Long!

According to the research, the download of gaming apps is dominating the App market. Many smartphone users use their Smartphones to play an average of 4 hours a day. This overuse of smartphones makes CPU and GPU exceed their usage limit, which causes them to generate more heat than usual. While your phone is still working and the regular gaming sessions haven’t killed it yet, try to reduce the amount of time spent on gaming apps.

Background Apps Are the Culprits

Even if you close all the unnecessary apps from the screen it doesn’t mean they stop working. They do their job secretly. Sometimes due to the huge number of running background apps, the phone system gets really overwhelmed. The only solution is to go into settings and turn them off until they didn’t maintain a united front against you.

Keep Your Phone Away From Direct Sunlight

Letting your phone stay under the direct sun rays may cause it to overheat. Keep it away from direct sunlight and don’t experience unpleasant overheating.

Upgrade Your Apps

As the apps were created in a way to be run by various types of smartphones their behavior may also vary from phone to phone. Some bags or issues connected with apps may make your phone get overheated, to avoid this problem keep the apps updated.

How To Solve Common Phone Overheating Problems

As you understood the reasons are various making your phone overheated, however, there are certain tips which will help you;

1.       Turn off the unnecessary apps from settings.

Settings> Apps> Running Apps> Stop running

2.       Use breathable cases that improve heat dissipation. Case usage shouldn’t only protect the phone from scratches but also provide heat balance. It is worth doing more research before buying a case not to suffer afterwards.

3.        Get rid of junk data of the apps which you don’t use and also of the most useful apps which continually collect trash.

4.       Turn the brightness down or turn on the adaptive brightness.

5.       Keep the apps up to date. The optimization lessens the likelihood that the app will heat up your phone.

6.       Change the charging cable if the heat is concentrated around the charging port. It means the charger you use doesn’t have good quality.

7.       Take your phone away from the direct sun-rays.

8.       Use the phone with breaks, especially when you are playing or watching videos for a long period.

9.       Don’t let your phone charge for several hours when it already has 100%, it damages the battery and makes it work worse, and heat up from time to time.

The phone overheating should never be neglected. The problems it causes could be not only a tiny one but also huge, it even can end up with an explosion. Not to experience such unpleasant things, find out the problem and solve it as soon as possible.