Comparing Samsung's Galaxy A52 vs Galaxy A72: What's The Difference?


Samsung lovers, the new range of Galaxy A series is here!

This year on March 17, Samsung launched three new smartphone models: the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, and Galaxy A72 that are part of Samsung’s budget Galaxy A range, which became a popular brand among Samsung customers courtesy of its quality and affordable prices. This range of smartphones lures in people with humble earnings. 

The manufacturers of the flagship phones combat to increase their popularity and the number of their customers. They alter their products constantly to make glaring and irresistible offers. 

This article will cast light on the differences between Galaxy A52 and A72 and will illuminate their dimensional and functional differences.

Comparison Between the Features of Galaxy A52 and A72

The specialists prove these phones came with several improvements, including a better camera, screen, and battery life. Don’t be surprised if I say that both phones support similar hardware characteristics, and they have the same processor. Their software is supported with an Android 11 operational system. The Galaxy A52 5G is the unique one in the new Samsung smartphones range that has 5G support.

As for dimensions, the Galaxy A52 has a 6.5-inch display, while the Galaxy A72 features a bright 6.7-inch panel. They also have a slight difference in their weights. The Galaxy A72 weighs 203g; meanwhile, Galaxy A52 is 189g. They both have 128GB of internal storage, but it is also expandable up to 1TB. 

The Galaxy A52 has a 120Hz refresh rate, and Galaxy A72 includes 90Hz. This assumes you can scroll the first one more smoothly than the Galaxy A72. This doesn’t mean that A72 is bad: keep in mind that this difference is not even noticeable with the naked eye. Both phones’ displays are smooth, beautiful, and rich with colors and provide a good user experience. To provide a longer life to those displays, buy a phone cover to protect them from scratches or scrapes.

These smartphones can automatically adjust the display color temperature to decrease the amount of users' eye-tension. Both phones have a quad camera with a 64-megapixel main lens and a front camera with 32 megapixels. With the help of the 3x optical zoom of Galaxy A72, the photos taken from a 10-meter distance will look as professional as if they have been shot from a close distance. The photo quality of both phones is amazing; they present detailed, precise, and true-to-life colors. 

Due to the cooperation with Snap, Samsung added new, cool features to its native camera app. It lets the user practice Snapchat filters to their pictures and videos directly.  

Samsung also promises better battery life for these brand new models. We can use them two days long without worrying about the battery. The A52 and A52 5G has a 4,500mAH battery, while the A72 comes with a larger 5,000mAH battery. Both models support fast 25W charging, but they come with 15w chargers in the box.

The Prices of Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72

The price is affordable for common users. It has been announced with European pricing and is around €450 for Samsung Galaxy S72 and about €350 for Samsung Galaxy A52 in Europe.


Now the toughest question is which phone we should go for. This depends on our preferences, whether we want a phone with a bigger battery and dimensions or a smaller one. Apart from minor differences, the phones seem pretty similar. The main privilege which A5 has is its 5G competence, which A72 doesn't have yet.  But who knows, maybe Samsung holds it for the future...