How To Apply and Care for Your Screen Protector


Do you also think that phone screen protectors are one of the most frustrating accessories that we have? Applying them properly is a big challenge for phone owners. The small bubbles between the phone and the protector are the worst nightmare. Is it possible to find ways for perfect protector placement without asking for help from professionals?  We feel your pain! 

In this article, you will find the steps of applying the screen protector perfectly and free of bubbles. This method works for all the protector types. 

Yes! Believe your eyes, there is a way to get through that mess. Read the article carefully and follow the steps! 

Step 1: Apply Right Chosen Screen Protector

Before applying for a phone protector, first of all, you have to choose one. The role of smartphone protectors has been redefined: they not only provide protection but other extra features which you definitely need. The most popular type is an anti-spy screen protector that darkens the screen for the side viewers and makes the messages or other information unreadable. Screen visibility is limited when the device is angled 30 degrees. It blocks the view of unwanted glances and protects your privacy.

If you are an inattentive device user, who drops the phone several times in a day or always has a problem with cleaning, your screen protector must have extra protection features to satisfy you. That’s the reason the water and oil-resistant protectors gain much demand. That helps to have a safe and crystal clear screen every day.

Some smartphone users avoid using protectors, saying they are too thick. Nowadays, innovative technologies make them so thin that the users don’t even suspect there is something on their device. Their structure doesn't reduce the quality of the colors or the protection level.

Step 2:Initial Device Cleaning

To apply your preselected protector, you need to initially wash your hands with soap and clean the phone. Find a dust-free place to work, remove the phone cover from your device. Use a high-quality microfiber cloth to clean the screen from fingerprints and smudges. Other types of fiber are not recommended as they might scratch the screen. Usually, a small microfiber cloth is provided with the protector, however, most of them have low quality and lead to small fibers getting on the screen. These small fibers can lead to air bubbles and it might be the last thing you would like to experience. If the smudges hard to remove, apply a small amount of moisture. Wait until the screen gets dry. The expensive protector packages usually include wet wipes, which definitely help to get the dirt off your screen. Use them and make sure the screen is entirely free of dust. It will determine how well the screen protector will adapt to your device.

Step 3: Use Tape to Apply The Screen Protector

Take the screen protector out from the package but do not remove the protective film from the sticky side. Use two pieces of standard and clear tape to fix the protector on the phone. Usually, the phone manufacturers provide some scotch for this. Take the side where the sticker of the protector is facing up and put it face down on the device screen.

Once you make sure it perfectly fits on the device, take the tape and roll it up over the edge of the protector. The first half of the tape must be on the protector and the other half on the phone. If everything is lined up, turn the protector gently next to the phone, keeping it attached to the device with the tape.

Clean the screen last time. Use a small piece of tape to take out every possible small dust from the screen. After you are done with cleaning, pull back the sticker from the protector and drop it down on the screen. The tape on one edge will help to meet the lines automatically as it was initially planned.

After having the protector on the device, remove the tape and press out all the air by pushing a bit of pressure on the screen. It will take a few minutes to remove all the bubbles from the protector.

If you follow the instructions, you will get quite happy with the results. Applying the screen protector is not as challenging as it might seem. Don’t be afraid of buying one. It will keep your device safe, and you won't need to change the whole device every year.