Your Step-by-Step Guide on How to Replace a Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Unfortunately, phone screen protectors don’t last forever. They also need to be replaced when they are cracked or scratched. Many users think they are unable to change it and always ask for help. In this article, we will help you to overcome your fear and present you with the complete range of steps to replace your protector properly, without any help, and without getting out of the house.

How to Remove the Screen Protector?

To remove your tempered glass screen protector we offer you three methods.

Method 1: When you want to separate two things from one another, always remember to heat them slightly. This is not only true for screen protectors but also stickers on the wares or anything else. Put your hairdryer on a very low setting and heat the screen for some seconds. It will lose the stickiness of the protector making it easy to remove.

Lift one corner of the protector with the help of your fingernail, toothpick, or any small item which won’t scratch the phone. As soon as you lose the corner pull the protector up gently. To keep it safe from breaking, continue pulling it from the corners up to the middle. This will lessen the risk of breaking the protector apart into two pieces. With this method, you can get your screen protector completely off. 

Method 2: This method may be implemented with the help of a card. After using the hairdryer to heat the protector, pull the one corner up and put the credit card under the protector. Move it slightly and evenly up to the other end until the protector is completely off.

Method 3: You can remove the glass with duct tape. After heating the protector with a hairdryer, roll the duct tape over your fingers. Pay attention that the sticky side of the tape faces down. Press the tape on one corner of the protector tightly until the glass is stuck to the tape. Pull the tape slowly towards the opposite end of the glass. 

Sometimes the glass will splinter because one side comes off faster than the other one. But don’t worry, you can take the remaining part off with the help of your fingernail.

Take the risk to try! We know you can do it!

How to Replace the Screen Protector on Your Phone?

Once you have successfully removed the old screen protector, it’s time to replace your screen protector. Wash your hands before starting the process. They need to be entirely clean to avoid dirt or fingerprints. Take a microfiber cloth or a screen cleaner and clean every single inch of the screen. If there is something that is not removed by dry cleaning, apply some moisture. Usually, screen protectors come with the necessary items for this cleaning process. In the case your screen is still wet after cleaning, wait until it gets dry completely. If there are small fibers left from the microfiber cloth, use a small piece of tape to remove them from the screen until it becomes crystal clear. It will help the protector be entirely fastened on the phone without bubbles.

Line up the screen protector with your phone’s screen, make sure it is perfectly aligned with the device from all sides, peel the protective cover from the sticky side gently and place the protector on the top of the screen. 

Use a credit card to get rid of the bubbles, starting from the center and pushing the bubbles out to the edges.

There are cases when the protector comes with a special solution for applying. Always read the guideline and use the solution suggested by your specific brand.

Your screen protector will always be vulnerable without extra protection. Buy a high-quality phone cover to keep your phone or the screen protector safe from cracks or scratches, and never face the need of changing it.

If things are as simple as they were described above, why should you spend extra money on replacing the phone screen protector with someone’s help? You need to give it a shot! Otherwise, you will always think you are unable to do it by yourself.