The Evolution of Apple's iPhone


Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives: they connect us with friends and family, help us stay organized, provide us with entertainment and keep us updated. Although there are thousands of devices that can successfully do all of the above and more, there is one particular smartphone that is more desirable than any other – the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone has been the driving force for Apple to become one of the world’s most valuable companies. Since its arrival in 2007, the iPhone has been a massive success for Apple, accounting for millions of sold units in the iPhone's 14 years of existence. 
From its sleek, modern design to high performing chipset, it has become one of the most desirable and sought-after smartphones of our generation separating the market in two – iPhone and everything else.

So… What has made the iPhone become what so many people want today?
Here is a complete look at the Apple iPhone evolution with their unique features and generation-defining properties that changed the foundation of society as we know it.