Do Magnets Affect Wireless Charging Your Phone?


Will magnets affect my wireless charging experience? That's a question we get a lot. And it can be approached in a number of ways: to start off, it strongly depends on the strength of the magnet. But first, let's start at the beginning.

 There are over 4 billion mobile users in this world, and it is expected to grow at the end of the decade. We all have become hugely dependent on these amazing tools. Our main enemy is the battery, which is the only thing that prevents us from using our smart devices. Unless we are constantly carrying our charger with us, it is difficult to keep our phone from dying during the busy day. 

Charging methods have changed over time. Wireless charging is the latest one, which is a power delivery system from a power source to an electronic device. Cordless charging became the most popular alternative to charging mobile devices.

However, the development of technology always raises new questions and issues. As inductive charging came to reality, it made people suspect if any factors can affect the process. Usually, the questions relate to magnets. Can they affect smartphones or wireless charging? You will find the answers below.

How Do Magnets Affect Smartphones?

Carrying or rubbing magnets over your smartphone can cause more serious problems than you may think. Magnetic fields can temporarily interfere with the magnetometer or digital compass inside the smartphone. Engineers claim that phone sensors can get affected due to a magnet. If you stick strong magnets to the phone, the steel components inside the phone can get slightly magnetized and act like weak magnets. This makes the compass function incorrectly, which in its turn affects Google Maps or other apps that rely on digital compass.

The magnets can also affect the camera work, for instance, iPhone 6 Plus camera can have problems with stabilization. 

According to some rumors, magnets can swipe the phone’s memory. If the data is stored magnetically in your phone, theoretically, super-gigantic magnets can corrupt the memory.

For sure, magnets won’t kill your phone, but they can mess some important functions up, so why take the risk?

Now you may think about many magnetic products, such as screen protectors, phone cases, wallets, wireless chargers, etc. They are designed specifically for smartphones, how do they work without harming the device? Are they harmless in reality?

The answer is yes! They are harmless! Though magnetic products have magnet force, it is too slight to make visible interference.

Do Magnets Affect Wireless Charging

We may say magnets do have some adverse impacts. On the other hand, it is tightly connected to the magnet type and power. Only big and powerful magnets can affect the charging. They can aggregate the batteries around and make them drain. But hardly the average household magnets cause a negative effect. 

 To be fair, let’s look at this issue from another point of view and reveal the wireless chargers effect on other items. It turns out that wireless chargers are more dangerous for small magnetic things than small magnetic items for chargers. If you keep any sensitive items, credit cards, security badges, key fobs, and passports between the charger and the phone, the charger might reduce the performance or damage the magnetic stripes found in those items. You should make sure that you haven’t left any item in between while charging.

  As time goes by and technology gets developed, many things start to bother smartphone users. Especially when their devices are expensive, they try to keep them back from damaging with every possible means. However, we should not go crazy on that ground and search for dangers everywhere. As you have seen, in this particular case, the devil was not as scary as his name. Usual magnets won’t do any harm, as long as you don’t replace them with the super-powerful and “giant” ones.