Why Your iPhone is Not Charging Wirelessly and How to Fix It


Is your battery low and your iPhone doesn’t want to get changed wirelessly? Don’t panic and throw your wireless charger into the trash: there must be a reason for that. Don’t give in so easily and return to the cord charger. Wireless charging has been a dream, and now it is reality. Why should you get disappointed with it so quickly?

We will help you to find out the possible reasons that your iPhone is not charging wirelessly and offer you possible solutions.

#1 Check the Phone

Wireless charging is an amazing tool for iPhone users, but not for everyone. If you own an iPhone 8 and above, you will be able to charge your phone with an inductive charger. The users whose phone doesn’t belong to that range, unfortunately, have no chance to do it, and they should not even try. It is not a problem with the charger but the model of the phone.

#2 Take the Case Out

Not all cases were created to promote wireless charging. Most of them interfere with the charging process and don’t let the energy pass through. You have to take them off before charging to avoid such problems.

Some companies offer iPhone cases that are compatible with wireless charging, which means the case can stay on the phone during the charging process, and it won’t lessen the charging efficiency.

The cards- that usually people keep under their case- can affect charging. First of all the energy cannot pass through them: even when it does sometimes, the cards get magnetized and become unusable. Our advice is to take them out, in any case, to be on the safe side.

#3 Restart the Phone

Sometimes the problem solution is right next to us. Don’t think bad and get worried from the very beginning: restart your phone, and the problem might be solved.

#4 Update the Phone

The serial updates that are coming to our phone and are getting ignored mostly can result in such inconveniences. If the phone isn't charging wirelessly, update the program. A software update can quickly and effectively solve such problems.

#5 Reset the Phone

Resetting the phone can erase all the information from there; however, in some critical cases, when nothing helps, it can be the only solution. Don’t forget to keep the essential information somewhere safe, not to lose it for good.

#6 Check the Charger and Plug In Properly

What if the phone is ok, but the issue is with the charger? The simplest problem which can happen is incorrect plugging. If the charger doesn’t have an LED indicator, you might never notice that it was not plugged in the socket normally. Take it off and put it back again until it starts charging.

#7 Reposition Your Phone on the Charging Pad

Wireless chargers have charging coils inside that are responsible for charging. If the phone isn’t placed adequately, the energy transmission can be banned and the phone stays without charge. Try to move the phone around the charger to find the perfect spot where it gets charged, or place the device in the center of the wireless charging pad. Some chargers include several charging coils to ensure your phone’s charging despite its position.

#8 Cooldown the Phone 

All devices have a set temperature above which they stop working. You might have noticed how your phone gets overheated because of the sun or playing video games all day long. Charging the device at that moment means adding extra heat, which is not allowed. It can end up with an explosion. Hence, the device stops being charged. Put your phone aside until it cools down, after which you are allowed to charge it.

#9 Get Your Charging Pad Repaired or Buy a New One

If you have followed the instructions, but your iPhone still isn’t getting charged, you need to repair or replace your charger with a new pad. Remember that iPhones can only charge wirelessly on a Qi-enabled charging pad: note this to buy a compatible charger for your device.

#10 Visit the Apple Store to Ask Help

Have you dropped your phone recently? If some internal components of your hardware are damaged, the device might stop charging. Take your phone to the Apple store to see how the workers can help you to solve that issue. It would be cheaper to repair the small component than to buy a whole device.


The reasons that your iPhone isn’t charging wirelessly can be various. It is crucial to identify the reason and solve it as soon as possible. Don’t get immediately disappointed with your charger or your phone, but find ways to help them resurrect. If you follow our guide, you might probably find the reason. Share this information with your friends and write down your reasons below in the comments!